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Blizzard Has Accidentally Buffed an Overwatch Hero Again

Blizzard has once again accidentally buffed an Overwatch hero.

This time, it’s Hanzo that received the unintended improvement. Much to the dismay of many players, his divisive Scatter Arrow ability has had its cooldown reduced from ten seconds to eight.

This isn’t the first time that an unintended change has accidentally slipped through into the live game. Most notably, several hero changes, including the sweeping Sombra adjustments, made their way into the live game with the 2018 Lunar New Year event before being reverted and sent instead to the PTR.

In this case, however, the change is one that was never meant to be seen by players at all, and is simply a mistake loosely connected with the upcoming Hanzo rework. Lead developer Geoff Goodman confirmed the error on the official Blizzard forums.

“This is unintended. As some people have guessed, this is an accidental change that came from his big changes coming next update.

We’re looking at reverting this, but there is a chance we end up leaving it as-is for now since we’re planning on releasing the next update fairly quickly anyway.”

The Hanzo changes in question will see Scatter Arrow replaced entirely with a new ability called Rapid Shot. While details of the new ability have not been fully revealed, it is known that it will speed up Hanzo’s shots.

Hanzo’s changes haven’t yet reached the PTR, although Jeff Kaplan recently revealed that they would arrive at some point within the month of April. Geoff Goodman’s suggestion that the accidental buff might not be revoked as the changes will go live soon suggests that PTR testing is likely to begin sooner rather than later.

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