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Archive • Aug 02, 2017

BigTymeR Details His Future in OpTic Gaming

Will 'BigTymeR' Johnson of OpTic Gaming touches on his future with the organization in a new YouTube video.

Announced in late July, the entire OpTic Gaming organization would be moving from the Chicago, Illinois suburbs to Dallas, Texas in Q3 of 2017. BigTymeR, a former professional Call of Duty player for OpTic, retired from competing in 2013 and is now a full-time content creator for the organization. With everyone moving, fans speculated if he would join the team in Texas due to his slight absence from the team house for a prolonged amount of time. He mentions that right before the official announcement of the move, he signed a full-year lease for an apartment in downtown Chicago. Although he may not be living in Texas full-time, BigTymeR details his plan is to travel back and forth whenever he is needed.
"For the meantime, whenever OpTic moves to Dallas and I need to be there, I will be there. Whether that means for a whole month, weeks at a time, or I just fly in a couple times a month. Whatever that looks like, I'm going to be there for the team."
While members knew that a relocation was inevitable, it was unknown as to when it would exactly take place. Until the team fully does move to Dallas, he will be living in his personal apartment which is thirty minutes away from the OpTic-Scuf house in the suburbs. You can view the full video below. x