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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

The Best Moments From Faccento's Infinite Warfare Season

The top 5 Brice 'Faccento' Faccento plays from the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season have been compiled in a new video on the CompCoDVids YouTube channel. Following a 3rd place finish at CoD XP 2016 on Black Ops 3 with Elevate, the roster would soon release Jared 'Nagafen' Harrell and join Daniel 'Loony' Loza on Rise Nation for the IW season. Alongside Loony, Tyler 'FeLonY' Johnson, and Uly 'AquA' Silva, Rise would get out to unbelievably hot start with a win at the CWL Las Vegas Open in December, the first major LAN event of the year. Faccento dominated the tournament throughout its entirety, helping his squad take down Cloud9 in the Grand Final, and earning himself MVP honors in the process. However, the remainder of the season would see the team fluctuate across various events, having a difficult time re-creating their stellar performance at the beginning of the game. Even though the four players are regarded as some of the best talents in the community, it was clear that something just wasn't clicking in the lineup as time went on. x
Faccento at CoD Champs 2017 in Orlando, Flordia
It wouldn't be until the 2017 CoD Championship in August where Rise would appear to once again be a dominating force, taking out the likes of FaZe, Ghost Gaming, and Allegiance to a 4th place finish. Although it may have been just a tad too late for Faccento, who was ultimately released following the annual tournament and is currently a free agent as of writing for the upcoming CoD: WWII season. While IW may have had its ups and down, he still managed to showcase his ability to light up the enemy team at a moments notice, bringing the intensity and energy with highlight-level plays to keep his team within striking distance of any opponent. Now with a 'fresh start,' he will likely be a dangerous addition to any roster that is formed once CoD: WWII is released in early November. From dismantling eUnited on Frost Uplink to single-handily holding off FaZe Clan on Breakout Hardpoint, you can view the top 5 Faccento moments below. x

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