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Best Fan Made Fortnite Battle Royale Montages and Clips Using New Replay Mode

The new replay mode in Fortnite Battle Royale has been a massive hit with fans, who have been desperate to share their best moments of skill and hilarity in the popular multiplayer mode.

Fortnite, specifically its Battle Royale mode, has taken over the world of gaming, being entirely free to play on consoles and PC, with a mode where players are dropped into a small island map, either solo or in teams of up to four, and must fight to survive.

The game quickly became the most watched game also, topping the popular page on live streaming site Twitch consistently, and breaking records for viewership on YouTube.

But crucially, the game was lacking the ability for players to watch back matches after playing, and view the game from different angles, similar to replay and theater modes in other multiplayer titles.

Thankfully however, Epic Games released their own replay feature for Fortnite earlier in April, and fans have taken no time at all to produce some epic videos with it.

The Slow Motion Hunting Rifle Headshot

This clip courtesy of Reddit user Splaticuss shows the great detail which the replay mode goes into, even showing a close up shot of the bullet shell falling in slow motion from the hunting rifle.

Fan-made video with the new replay feature 🙂 from r/FortNiteBR


A Really Sad Fortnite Story

The art of narrative was not lost on this creator, who spun a short and sorrowful tale. Courtesy of Luddecmc

A really sad fortnite story from r/FortNiteBR



A Spruce Up To The Start Menu?

This clip took some landscape shot with the new feature, and created some cool loading screen/start menu ideas – Epic Games maybe taking notes? Courtesy of Anxious_Pixie

I made a couple of my own amusing start screens from r/FortNiteBR


Simple But Effective

The creator of this masterpiece clearly really likes this emote. Courtesy of UMadBroYoloBf

I love making cinematics and I love this emote… So this had to happen from r/FortNiteBR


An Epic Finish

And finally of course, the standard way to use the replay mode is capture and make your game winning kill even more epic with some angle cuts and music. Courtesy of stonkybonker69


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