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Archive • Sep 13, 2017

A Behind the Scenes look at OpTic Gaming's New European CS:GO Team

OpTic Gaming has released a video documenting their new European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team through the first days of their Chicago bootcamp. After OpTic's North American CS:GO team disbanded in August, the organization signed a full European team. To keep the team's spot in the North American Pro League, all the EU based players moved to the US and are competing there for a portion of the season. The video, Season 4: Episode 2 of OpTic's series, Vision, shows the new team arriving to their shared house and setting up before continuing on to watch the new roster playing their first games.

In interviews with the players and with team owner Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez, they talk about the new line up. H3CZ  stated that it was a beautiful sight to see, having the house being utilized as they had envisioned it would be utilized.
''The vibe of that house when you walked in there was, practice, work, practice, work.''
Oscar 'mixwell' Canellas said the team has been training everyday. The roster practices, eats and sleeps, they are so focused on Counter-Strike, they haven't even used their swimming pool yet.
''We have been practicing a lot. We started practicing everyday at 11am and we pretty much just practiced and played Counter-Strike. We did nothing outside of CS, we just ate and played and trained. We didn't even use the pool yet. But we have had fun, and we are getting the job done.''

In game leader for the new OpTic team, Adam 'friberg' Friberg stated that is nice to finally meet up with his teammates after having spoken and played with them online for so long.
''We have been in the house now for a couple of days and we have been playing the Pro-League games here. Its been a big change from living at home. I mean, I have been travelling a lot before in my previous teams, so its nothing really new to me. ''Its nice to come here and meet up with everyone though because we have all be talking online before and we have met everyone in tournaments and stuff like that, but this is the first time we actually get to know each other. I think its been very helpful meeting up here and playing the games here together.'' ''Hector has been super nice to us. He bought us food, taking us out to great places to eat and just helping out with getting everything that we need. Moving in to the house has been a pleasure so far and I am looking forward to coming back here to finish the season.''
The video goes on to show the teams competing in their first ESL Pro League matches since they moved into the house and displays their impressive communications and teamwork. The new team spent time discussing the things they need to improve on and have already planned how they will be practicing when they return to Europe. OpTic Gaming are, at the time of writing, leading the North American Pro League with eight wins and 2 defeats. x The Counter-Strike section begins at the 15 minute 30 second mark: x The OpTic team will now begin preparing for the upcoming EPICENTER Closed Qualifiers starting September the 18th, where they will have to defeat the likes of Immortals, Team Liquid and Cloud9 to secure a place at the $500,000 tournament in St Petersburg.
Image credit: OpTic Gaming, HLTV

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