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Archive • Oct 13, 2017

beGenius ESC Responds to Disqualification from the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League for Cheating

The beGenius esports organization has issued a statement regarding their disqualification from the ESL Rainbox Six Pro League due to cheating. Following a Pro League match against PENTA Esports, it was revealed that beGenius player Stéphane ‘Shaiiko’ Lebleu had cheated during the match-up by using a macro, which is a program that allows the input of a combination of keys in a very short time typically incapable of humans. A complaint to ESL led the organizer to investigate the claim and confirmed that the player was indeed cheating by utilizing the MOSS anti-cheat software, leading to the ban of Shaiiko from ESL events for two years. The organization will be required to forfeit any earnings and prizes up to the time of the incident, along with being disqualified from the Pro League until further notice. However, beGenius would respond to the decision by expressing their discontent in a Twitlonger with the lack of a thorough investigation, along with the fact that 'irrevocable decisions' were made without much warning by ESL. It is stated that beGenius will conduct an internal investigation and if their research reaches the same conclusion of Macro use, they will 'immediately comply with the sanctions.' x

Reactions to our Rainbow Six Siege Pro League disqualification (translated from French)

Hello everybody, Yesterday, ESL announced the disqualification of beGenius ESC from the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League (S3 Y2). It was important for us to give you our feelings about the conditions of this disqualification and the way the ESL dealt with this issue. ESL decided to disqualify our line-up for fraudulent use of a Macro from one of our player (All other accusations recorded by PENTA were not proved), Shaiiko, during the Pro League game against PENTA eSport. These arguments were provided by ESL through the software MOSS but only a few proofs were given to confirm that. We strongly deplore the behavior of the ESL Admin team, who, despite this lack of deepening and dialogue during this protest, took this decision the day before our capital game against Ares eSport. Our team was aware of the protest but in less than 2 hours we had to face the result and the official statement of our disqualification. ESL did not let us the time to contact them to receive more information and, above all, to study the few arguments they have furnished about the protest. For the sustainability of eSport, it is crucial not to take those decisions on such short delays and evidences, and, above all, not to take immediately some irrevocable decisions, as we are talking about competitions requiring financial commitment from the teams. They can’t be excluded without prior notice and the possibility to have a dialogue regarding such litigious cases. BeGenius ESC is currently studying the only proof given by the ESL (a MOSS line) and will perform all possible tests to show the fragility of this proof. Despite this, our Pro League season ends immediately due to the match between Millenium and Ares eSport tonight. Moreover, Shaiiko will not take part to the Paris Games Week tournament, since Ubisoft decided to stay in line with the decision of the ESL. Nevertheless, the rest of the team will take part to the tournament with one Sub. We wish to thank our fans, who despite this injustice, are still supporting our players and are trusting our structure. We will get you updated as soon as possible with any evolution on this topic. We want to assure you again that any form of cheat is in total opposition with our values and that we will do everything to discover the truth about this case. If the team reaches the same conclusion as the ESL (Macro use), we will immediately comply with the sanctions imposed without further questioning those conclusions.
x As of writing, there has yet to be another update from beGenius regarding the situation. x

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