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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

beGenius Disqualified from ESL Rainbow 6 Pro League for Cheating

ESL has disqualified Rainbow 6 team beGenius for cheating after they breached Pro League rules. Player Stéphane 'Shaiiko' Lebleu was confirmed to have used an illegal macro against PENTA eSports in their fixture on the 28th of September. A macro is a program that allows the input of a combination of keys in a very short time typically incapable of humans. Following the match-up, ESL received a complaint that beGenius had used a prohibited macro, a VPN, manipulated ping and used Team Viewer to gain illicit advantages. After reviewing the file, ESL were unable to acquire sufficient evidence to charge beGenius for the latter three of the four accusations. However, evidence gathered by the anti-cheat software MOSS indicated that Shaiiko had cheated during the match by using a macro with the sequence "4 4 4" 47 times and "4 4 4 4 4" 24 times, with about 120 milliseconds of delay in between. According to ESL, this speed is within a human capacity but the deviation between the keys (4 to 8 milliseconds) is not. beGenius denied any formal accusations against them. ESL has since banned Shaiiko for 2 years from all ESL competitions. The team will also be disqualified from the Pro League and forfeit all of their results and prizes amounted to date. The other players have not received individual bans and can continue to compete in ESL tournaments. The controversy has spilled out onto Twitter, with beGenius members continuing to protest their innocence.  
Source: ESL

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