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Archive • Jan 14, 2018

The Battle for Third in Pool C Won By Red Reserve as They Take Down GGEA Orange

CWL New Orleans

Pool C

Red Reserve: Joee, Rated, Joshh, Zer0


 GGEA Orange: Believe, Nova, Mayhem, Spoof

  It was a battle for 3rd place in Pool C as two teams with a 1-2 record went into the final match of Pool Play at CWL New Orleans. British team Red Reserve had so far looked below their potential in pools. GGEA Orange did manage a victory over the whipping boys of the group, Enigma6, but would finish fourth if they could not defeat Red Reserve, and the same was true for the Brits. The opening hardpoint began tightly on Gibraltar, with neither team able to gain a significant advantage. Eventually, the early rotations began to pay off for GGEA, as they began to prevent their setups being broken, with streaks coming in for both Believe and Mayhem. Up around 160-100, GGEA only allowed Red Reserve scrap time at the end of each hills, as they began to play textbook hardpoint - rotating early, holding off the teams pushes, and then giving up the scrap to rotate to the next. In the end, the lead was insurmountable for Red Reserve, who appeared to run out of energy near the end as GGEA closed out a relatively comfortable 250 - 138 win. The Search and Destroy on Sainte Marie started better for Red Reserve, as Zer0 earned streaks in only the first two rounds, giving them a 2-0 lead. Spoof earned 3 kills in the next round, granting them one on the board, and with a plant the following round, he too earned score streaks. He was unable to win the 1v1 however, as Red took their third round. Zer0 put his streaks to good use, and got a slick two piece to put the map increasingly out of GGEA's reach. Now up 5-1, Zer0 had overlapped his streaks, sitting at ten kills and only one death. However, the lackluster performances from his teammates proved costly, and GGEA somehow earned more streaks of their own, and mounted a ridiculous comeback, tying it up 5-5 after gaining map control round after round. Thankfully for Red Reserve, their streaks were wasted in round eleven by GGEA, and Red Reserve closed it out and prevented the embarrassing 5-1 comeback. The Capture the Flag on London Docks began at a furious pace, with both teams constantly just crashing heads in the middle map, and some sloppy defensive holds from both teams allowed two cheap captures for GGEA Orange, and three on the side of Red Reserve at the half. A very unstructured first half was to continue in the second, but this time neither team managed to many successful pushes in the first two minutes. Zer0 started to heat up, and earned streaks for his side, which was enough for Red to open up a two capture lead at 4-2. In the final minute, GGEA seemed to have somewhat conceded, with only a couple weekly executed pushes to show for their efforts. Red Reserve was allowed to pile on pressure, and added on four more captures to add insult to injury, finishing the map 8-2. Spurred on by their emphatic CTF performance, Red Reserve were oozing confidence in the fourth map, back on London Docks for hardpoint. GGEA did eventually wake up from their slumber, and kept the map relatively close throughout the first set of rotations. Red Reserve though were simply shooting better, as both Zer0 and Joshh earned their score streaks once again in the series. GGEA Orange found themselves down almost 100 before the began to show any signs of life, and by slowing down Red Reserves momentum cut the lead to only around 40. But Red Reserve's early success proved definitive, closing out GGEA on the last few hills to take what was, in the end, a simple win. Red Reserve vs GGEA Orange HP Gibraltar 138 - 250 SND Sainte Marie du Mont 6 - 5 CTF London Docks 8 - 2 HP London Docks 250 - 186   Follow our coverage from the event via our dedicated hub with links to the stream, schedule, brackets, rosters, groups and more! x