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Archive • Sep 04, 2016

Bancing with the Stars: Splyce into Top 3 at CoD XP 2016

Coverage Hub: CoD XP Championship 2016

Splyce make history by becoming the first team outside of the North America to place top 3 at a Call of Duty Championship.

Billed as the dark horse versus the underdog, an all-British final saw a rematch of the winner bracket round 1 clash that FAB edged in 5 maps. Solid performances by Bance and Joe helped Splyce secure a minimum of $150,000, with the chance to go further as they take on the loser of EnVyUS and eLevate. FAB, considered the sixth best team in the UK, continued to defy the odds as they took Hardpoint Evac 250-213, but capitulation on Search and Destroy Breach saw Splyce level quickly in 6 unanswered rounds. The victors were considerably more organised, absorbing pressure by awaiting FAB's aggressive assaults, allowing them to trip over their own mistakes as they became increasingly frustrated throughout the map. The tide had all but turned and a mid-lane lockdown by Joshh raced Splyce to a 8-0 advantage on Uplink Fringe. FAB's Dqvee eventually answered back with around 90 seconds to spare before the break and they recouped some of the damage as the half closed at 6-10, with an opportunity to improve on that on the favoured side. But an early smoke diversion by Joee was rewarded with a dunk in less than 30 seconds, and resilience by Splyce put the game out of reach for their British rivals. Another quick start saw Splyce cap within 90 seconds on CTF Stronghold, and they would go largely untested throughout as they completed their revenge against their original conquerors. Match Summary LB R5: FAB Games v Splyce HP Evac: 250-213 S&D Breach: 0-6 Uplink Fringe: 8-19 CTF Stronghold: 0-3 Final Score: 1-3

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