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Archive • Oct 26, 2017

The Average Salary of an Overwatch League Pro Player Revealed

Salaries are consistently one of the hot topics of the competitive gaming community, more so than ever in 2017 with such large-scale investment going on. The Overwatch League was announced by Activision Blizzard when the game first launched in 2016, but it's only in 2017 that we've finally been made aware of who's involved and how it'll work. The twelve city franchises based across North America, Europe and Asia will play the first season in Los Angeles in January 2018, with a pre-season starting in December 2017.

With a $20 million buy-in per team, it's certainly not cheap to get involved, which has resulted in a number of endemic esports organizations such as OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs receiving funding from various investment companies in order to expand. The original salaries promised for players was a minimum of $50,000, but it has been revealed by Korean website Daily eSports that the average annually is actually between $80,000 to $120,000 per player. The increase is expected to be down to teams fighting for the limited talent pool of experienced Overwatch players currently competing worldwide. One of the most high profile examples is the San Francisco Shock, who are reportedly paying 17-year old Jay 'sinatraa' Won $150,000 per annum.

With OWL's roster lock for season one taking place on Tuesday October 31st, official lineups are expected to begin to be announced. x Named Overwatch League Teams x Unnamed Overwatch League Teams
  • Houston (OpTic Gaming)
  • London (Cloud9)
  • New York (Jeff Wilpon and Sterling VC)
  • Miami/Orlando (Misfits)
  • Philidelphia (Comcast)
  • Seoul (Kevin Chou)
  • Los Angeles (Kroenke)
H/T - Slingshot