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Archive • Oct 12, 2017

Australian CoD Pro Shockz Hilariously Captures Infinite Warfare's Competitive Issues in One Tweet

Infinite Warfare is unlikely to go down in history as one of Call of Duty's finest games, from both a competitive and casual standpoint. The futuristic shooter launched in November 2016, but even before it was released, the trailer received the prestigious award of second most disliked video on Youtube. Despite the game being less than perfect, the competitive community was treated to an excellent season of events that included over $4 million of prize money, which somewhat softened the blow of a title that many feel should never have adorned the Call of Duty name.

Alongside the obvious faults with the game, a considerable number of professional players complained throughout the season that the game would feel different when playing on different types of consoles and stations. Pro Call of Duty player Conrad 'Shockz' Rymarek has now made light of the situation on Twitter. The Australian player for Mindfreak was responding to a question by former player Bill 'Billy' Bundo, who asked what everyone's favorite scary game was.
"Infinite Warfare, the fear you have before each map at LAN hoping you have auto aim and bullet reg is insane"
x Thankfully for Shockz and the remainder of the professional Call of Duty community, they have less than a month until Sledgehammer Games release Call of Duty WWII on November 3rd. Whilst there's no certainty that WWII will be issue free when it comes to auto-aim and bullet registration, due to extensive feedback from the pro player community that PS4 Pro's should be used for all competitive games, it's hoped that MLG, PlayStation, and the CWL will work towards making it possible. x

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