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Archive • Dec 29, 2017

Argument Over a Call of Duty Wager Match Leads to a Deadly Swatting Incident After False Address Posted

An argument between two competitive Call of Duty players has lead to a man being killed by police in Kansas after authorities were incorrectly informed he was holding someone hostage. It is being reported across the competitive CoD community that a $2 wager match on the evening of Thursday December 28th descended into two team mates arguing with each other after losing the match, and threatening each other to be swatted.

Swatting is a common high risk hoax that involves calling the police and advising there is a situation taking place at an address. The hoax is often one that authorities will take extremely seriously, sending heavily armored personnel to an address in order to deal with the situation. In this instance, it appears to have got an innocent man killed. The two CoD players reportedly got into an argument over a small money loss on UMG's wager platform online (view match) and threatened to swat each other, with one of the players sending the other incorrect details of an address nearby to a known swatter, who was reportedly responsible for the CWL Dallas bomb hoax evacuations.

A local news website in Kansas has reported that the Wichita police were responding to a homicide and hostage situation, and when a 28 year old man answered the door, the officer in attendance discharged his weapon. The man was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead. CoD pro player Chris 'Parasite' Duarte shared this Tweet that explained the situation in more detail. x The two players reportedly involved, Miruhcle and Baperizer, have removed themselves from Twitter. What will happen next is unclear, however with an innocent man gunned down because of a fake threat, the police are expected to investigate and prosecute those involved. -

*Update - Saturday December 30th*

The victim has been identified as 28 year old Andrew Finch by his family. The father of two has had a GoFundMe page setup to pay for his funeral costs by a family member and they hope to raise $15,000. The swatting suspect has been arrested in South Los Angeles and identified as Tyler Raj Barris. The 25 year old has a history of swatting and was convicted in 2015 of threatening to bomb the ABC7 building. It's not currently known what he's been charged with, however before he was arrested by the police, he did an interview with YouTuber KEEMSTAR on his Drama Alert channel where he showed a lack of remorse for what happened and said he doesn't believe he should be charged with murder as he didn't pull the trigger. x