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Archive • Nov 13, 2017

Arcitys Clutch 1v4 Ninja Defuse During November 12th CWL 2K

eUnited slayer Alec 'Arcitys' Sanderson pulled off a daring 'ninja defuse' in a clutch situation during the November 12th online 2K tournament. The 'Ninja' defuse is one of the riskiest plays in Call of Duty's Search and Destroy game mode, where a player defuses the bomb while enemy opponents are still alive. Rarely is it attempted, let alone pulled off, in the top level of competitive play. When it is though, the most audacious plays live long in the memory of CoD Esports fans. During the Sunday's November 12th 2K, eUnited's 'Arcitys' took his chance to humiliate the opposition E6 squad. In their round of 16 matchup, Arcitys was left in a 1v4 situation, with the bomb planted he was left with only 45 seconds to defuse. Of course though, Arcitys made the boldest of plays, immediately picking up the explosives after they were planted, and defusing with his opponents entirely unaware. Arcitys pulled the move off in the nick of time, to the delight of his squad, before E6's Brandon 'Dashy' Otell takes him out. Despite winning the round, eUnited ultimately lost the series and were eliminated placing in the top 16, earning 400 Pro Points per player. E6 faired better, making it to the semi-finals, before themselves being beaten by Luminosity Gaming and placing 3-4th. You can find our full breakdown of the first NA 2K of the Call of Duty: WWII season here. x

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