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There Appears To Be a Serious Glitch Involving Fortnite’s New Port-a-Fort

One of the items that was recently added to popular video game Fortnite: Battle Royale has been experiencing a major glitch.

Numerous players have been reporting that there is a serious issue with the new Port-a-Fort that has yet to be addressed by developer Epic Games at the time of this article’s writing.

The Port-a-Fort, which was added as part of the recent v3.5 update, is an item that immediately spawns in a tall, metal fort when thrown.

It allows players to quickly defend themselves and/or get a high ground position to shoot at enemies.

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While the item has gotten some mixed removes since its introduction, there is a bug in the game that is resulting in a whole new and more serious issue.

In a post on Reddit, user ‘choneymaster545’ shows that, when thrown, the Port-a-Fort builds the metal fort as it’s intended to do, but the item itself never actually disappears and can be picked up to be used again.

This is an obvious problem because it means that players who are experiencing this glitch can essentially built an unlimited amount of forts.

That port a fort glitch still works… from r/FortNiteBR



It appears that there is a specific instance when this glitch occurs, and the Reddit user explained it in another post.


What is perhaps most surprising is the fact that there appears to be no news or announcement from Epic Games regarding this glitch.

Usually, problems with items either get immediately addressed or the items are disabled until a solution is found. The Boogie Bomb and Guided Missile are recent examples of this.

Knowing how prompt and dedicated Epic Games are in ensuring a smooth gaming experience, it’s be likely that they will address this glitch very soon.


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