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Amateur North American Team Announce ESWC Attendance

The North American Call of Duty team of FURY Gaming have revealed their plans to travel to ESWC 2017 in France in February.

Feeling confident after knocking the European’s of Epsilon out of MLG Las Vegas, the amateur side will be flying across the Atlantic to face the best of the region.

The $100,000 event will take place in Paris, France, and will host 96 teams from across Europe, North America and APAC.

The tournament will be one of the four international events across the year alongside Las Vegas, Atlanta and Anaheim. Providing the squad place within the top 64, they’ll be guaranteed pro points for their efforts.

We reached out to FURY to find out more about their attendance at one of the biggest events in European history.



“At FURY we promised our players full funding and that we would get them in the best possible spots to make a run at the CWL. We saw an opportunity here with the ESWC as a chance to get our guys in a LAN tournament with a lot of Pro Points on the line.

With the system how it is we figured any advantage we could have to gain on some of these other organizations we would have to take.

We hope have a strong showing in the upcoming 2k’s as we have seen the improvements of our players in tough matches against teams like FaZe. We expect to build off of our T25 placement at Vegas in Atlanta and see how we stack up against teams in the EU.

With the game becoming more global I feel it is a unique opportunity for our organization to gain exposure globally as well as much needed pro points.”


FURY Gaming CoD:

  • canada Steven ‘Stevey’ Moclair
  • USA Brian ‘Shipping Juarez
  • USA Marc ‘Marc’ Belzamour
  • USA Luke ‘CBall’ Dugan


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