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Archive • Dec 21, 2017

The CoD World League Respond to Claims That They've Stopped Local Spanish Call of Duty Events Taking Place

The CoD World League has released a statement after Spanish Call of Duty players claimed the company were stopping local events being hosted by independent organizer, LVP. The situation first came to light during the off-season between the end of the Infinite Warfare and the launch of Call of Duty WWII. Rumors quickly spread among the Spanish Call of Duty scene that local tournaments previously ran by organizers such as LVP would be stopped so that Activision could run their own competitions. After two months of no announcements, Spanish players began to get restless and in late December 2017, an online petition gathered over 4,000 signatures requesting Activision allow them to run local events again. The CoD World League has now responded with a statement after Dexerto requested comment, denying they have stopped tournament organizers in Spain from running tournaments and that they’ve had no proposals submitted to review.
This season of the Call of Duty World League offers more opportunity for international players to participate in the CWL than ever before – through ladders, CWL 2K’s, global opens, and the upcoming CWL National Circuit – an online regional league for teams in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, France and Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, UK and Ireland and the United States. There will also be a single-tournament series in the CWL National Circuit for teams in Brazil. Additionally, the CWL is working to empower tournament organizers around the world to bring local, non-CWL events to market, most recently, including a third-party event in Montreal, Canada. In Spain, we look forward to receiving a proposal for a Call of Duty esports event from organizer LVP; however, at this time no such proposals have been submitted for review.
x The statement points to the independent event ran by Northern Arena, who operated an eight team invitational in Montreal, Canada, which was won by Luminosity Gaming on Sunday December 17th. The response by the CoD World League has firmly put the spotlight back on LVP, with Spanish players now questioning why no proposals have been submitted for a local tournament. x