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5 Reasons Why Modern Warfare Remastered Won’t Work Competitively

Several major influences in Call of Duty esports are calling for the community to play Modern Warfare Remastered.

For many, including myself, the original Modern Warfare lives on as one of the greatest games of all time. I played CoD 4 so much that my parents thought I’d never walk outside again.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve done my time looking down the M16, admittedly sometimes waiting for some poor unsuspecting opponents to skip by.

But even through that nostalgia tinted scope, I can’t see the Remastered edition replacing Infinite Warfare in the CoD World League this season. Let me explain why…


A lot of people have bought Modern Warfare Remastered via the special bundles available with Infinite Warfare, but they don’t necessarily represent an overwhelming majority of the whole. By playing a game like MWR – a required add-on – you’re potentially ruling out an entire group of people who may only have been able to afford to get Infinite Warfare.

You could argue that Activision should charge separately for MWR, but you can guarantee that would be a much bigger headache for the publisher when hundreds of thousands of people complain they also had to get IW. It’s just not going to happen.

It Sets a Terrible Precedent 

Buckling under the pressure of influential figures sets a divisive precedent that we might encounter each time a new game comes out that doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations. It’s impossible to please 100% of the audience and such a decision would split the community beyond just 2017.

It’s Not a Perfect Game

Despite the intoxicating memories of Call of Duty esports’ forefather, the Remastered edition has many flaws and bugs that limit its competitive viability. The respawn modes don’t work as they should and it’d take as much work to fix this it as it would Infinite Warfare.

We may also have to learn to deal with truly next level camping. The reason Search and Destroy wasn’t the only game mode during the prime of competitive CoD was because it was so slow when people started to take it seriously.

SnD was all about finding the best camping spots and the trades that occurred when you were found. It wasn’t about tactics or surprising the other team, it was about covering the known lines of sight and hoping for the best, especially with a 2 minute 30 second round timer. That’s why the PC community modded the game so that it was practically unrecognisable.

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There’s No CoD Caster Mode

Watching the game isn’t going to be a fun experience if you’re spectator without all of the usual guides to show you what’s happening. Of course, Activision could get Raven to implement a system for it to work, but we all know that’s not going to happen, because….

Activision Aren’t Going to Throw Infinity Ward Under the Bus.

The final point is that without Activision supporting the Modern Warfare Remastered scene, there just isn’t going to be any money for people to play this game professionally. I have no doubt that it will enjoy a fruitful year as a side game to Infinite Warfare for players who prefer a traditional first-person shooter experience, and I’m also confident you’ll see people play it religiously in wagers and on Gamebattles.

But Activision won’t be interested in throwing Infinity Ward under the bus and admitting that the game isn’t good enough for competitive play. Quite simply, the wider gaming market would lose confidence in the company.

And who would pay for the prize money? Do you think it’s a coincidence that no company has ever kept doing Call of Duty events without funding from Activision? They go bust. It’s not yet sustainable to run a Call of Duty tournament like it is to fund a CS:GO event.

Frustrations are understandable but the game launched just a couple of weeks ago. Problems will be fixed. As soon as the full details of the CoD World League is released and everyone sees what’s on offer, I doubt we’ll see many pros grinding Modern Warfare remastered like they have been.

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