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5 CoD Related Positives That Can Carry Over from 2016

The world of social media claimed that 2016 was the worst year ever, but surely it wasn’t all bad?

For Call of Duty it was the first year that Activision took charge of the competitive landscape, implementing their vision for CoD esports.

Whilst there were many things that needed to be changed for 2017, there was also a lot of good that we desperately need to continue.

We’ve given you our five things you can keep 2016, but these are the five we’re taking and you can’t stop us.

1. European Competition

splyce cod 1

The European teams finally made it work in 2016, showing up to international events and beating the top North American teams. On top of that Splyce took second at CoD XP, the highest ever placement for a non-North American team at a world championship.

2. Mainstream Media Attention


The introduction of the CoD World League meant that Activision’s influence attracted more than just Dexerto in attendance to cover events. Mainstream media teams were present at all of the major events across the year, instead of just CoD Champs like we’ve seen in previous years.

3. Better Organisational Support


A combination of higher prize money, increased media coverage and Activision’s support resulted in more big name esports organisations getting involved than ever before. The demand resulted in players and teams getting salaried for putting in the full time hours, which in turn increased the competition.

4. Prize Money


The prize money for Call of Duty has taken dramatic leaps since OpTic would travel to Europe for £10,000 tournament. The $2 million on offer at CoD XP was the highest of all time and the pro league also paid out handsomely for what was essentially just an online league with a single elimination bracket.

5. Better Spectator Experiences

End Game

Turning up for a weekend to watch just Call of Duty for three days can be a bit boring even for a die-hard fan. CoD XP and MLG Las Vegas changed the way we think about Call of Duty events, adding in a festival element that encourages more casual esports fans to attend.

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