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5 CoD Related Issues That Can Stay in 2016

The year 2016 was a good 365 days for Call of Duty esports, but it wasn’t perfect.

There were ups and downs as Activision took over the competitive circuit for Black Ops 3, implementing their vision across Europe, North America and the Australian/New Zealand region.

A lot is expected to change for Infinite Warfare after receiving feedback from the community, but not everything negative was the fault of our publisher overlord.

Below we’re going to explore all of the horrible and nasty Call of Duty related issues that can stay in 2016 as we wipe the slate clean for 2017.

1. Bluetooth Controller Issues

broken controller

Sorry Playstation, but this was an absolute disaster. If you’re going to pay millions of dollars to make sure the competitive circuit is on your console, make sure your controller doesn’t go haywire at the first sign of another signal from pretty much ANY device.


2. Single Elimination

sleeping 1

The lack of storylines involved with just single elimination tournaments left a black mark on events in 2016. It can be used effectively if it’s a small tournament with a group stage, but to run an entire championship bracket just doesn’t make sense for Call of Duty.

3. Lack of Competitive Ruleset


For the entire year every single professional CoD player pretended that a number of weapons, equipment, specialists and score streaks didn’t exists, all in the name of competitive integrity. You just can’t play Call of Duty out of the box without changing the rules for competitive.


4. Online Qualifiers for World Championships

cod xp 2016 crowd

The biggest and best tournament of the year shouldn’t have half the teams decided by an online tournament that anyone could enter. At the the very least it should always lead to a regional event to find the talent.

5. Lack of Open Events

formal cod

The Call of Duty community grew because of the fan base who competed alongside the professional players at open events. The lack of tournaments in 2016, especially in regions such as Europe and Australia/New Zealand, has not been healthy to new players breaking through.

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