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3D Esports Streaming Platform Raises $3.5 Million have acquired $3.5million in funding to develop a 3D viewer for esports streams.

The principle of the platform is to create a three-dimensional model of the game from the data available on the player’s end, and therefore enable viewers to watch the game from any point of view they want, with the 3D model updating in real time based on the actions of the players. This works because while the game only renders a two-dimensional view to the player’s screen, it builds the game in 3D before doing so, and it’s this data that the app uses to build its model.

Take Counter-Strike for example; rather than watching from the typical first-person view being broadcast by the observer feed, would enable viewers to move their viewpoint anywhere they want around or above the map, enabling them to view the action in whatever way suits them best.

The application wouldn’t be limited to major events however, with individuals able to use for their personal streams to allow their viewers an enhanced spectating experience. The developers also wish to cater to Virtual Reality devices, to maximise the effect of the spectating experience that is to offer, which also includes features such as instant replays.

Advertisement currently offers support only for CS:GO and League of Legends, but with the investment money they’re looking to expand that support into the top ten esports titles. The app is available in beta starting December 13th.

Source: venturebeat

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