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Click HERE to bet on the Crown Melbourne CoD Event

If you want to bet this weekend on the Crown Melbourne $70,000 CoD tournament, you already can if you’re Australian. Just to clarify, it looks like this is only for the Australian markets right now, we’ll update when it comes like in Europe, although it’s worth pointing out NA markets have never offered CoD so don’t count on it.

On Sunday you’ll be able to see EU champions Millenium take on North America’s OpTic Gaming and the best that Australia and New Zealand has to offer.

The website currently offering odds is part of the Crown Melbourne network, known as CrownBet. At the moment you can only bet on the outright winner, although if you get on now you can get pretty good odds on OpTic Gaming to take the title. Click HERE to view the odds or see the image below.

Mike’s betting advice – Conisdering during the regular NA S1 games, you wouldn’t get anywhere near those good odds for OpTic to beat what many would consider better opponents. As they’ll only have to play two best of 7’s to win the title, that makes it a no brainer to bet on.

Source – CrownBet

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