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All 15 Teams Confirmed for H1Z1 Fight for the Crown Tournament

Fifteen teams have been confirmed for the H1Z1 Fight For The Crown Invitational.

The tournament is part of a six-part esports documentary called H1Z1: Fight For The Crown, which is set to air on The CW Network in Spring 2017.


The finale will see fifteen five-man teams face off in a King of the Kill match, and will offer a $300,000 prize pool.


The teams that will be invited to take part have now been confirmed.

Unfortunately for European hopefuls, the likes of Vitality who recently picked up a squad behind former Call of Duty pro Corentin ‘Gotaga’ Houssein in the hopes of participating, the invitations seem to have been limited to North American squads.

For those hoping you’d also see Dr DisRespect playing, he made it clear via his stream that he’d be doing anything but playing in the competition.

Fight For The Crown invited teams:

  • USA Luminosity
  • USA Strictly Business
  • USA Enigma6
  • USA Ohio Rebels
  • USA Echo Fox
  • USA Rogue
  • USA Panda Global
  • USA Denial Esports
  • USA Cloud9
  • USA SoaR Gaming
  • USA Obey
  • USA SetToDestroyX
  • USA Counter Logic Gaming
  • USA WorldBestGaming

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