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10 Reasons to be Excited for the CWL Global Pro League

If you’re new to the Call of Duty scene you’re probably wondering why everyone is buzzing about the CWL Global Pro League.

Starting on April 21st we’ll see the first four teams battle it out at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It would be a disservice if we didn’t explain why this is one of the biggest and most important Call of Duty tournaments in history.

1. The Group Stage Actually Matters

MLG courage puckett

The consequences of a group stage at most Call of Duty tournaments only really affects the outcome of that individual weekend. With the CWL GPL, it’s a totally different story.

The top two placing teams will qualify for the playoffs and alongside the third place team, will automatically qualify for Stage Two AND the World Championships at the end of the year.

That means every single game is important and coming third can be considered somewhat of a victory.

2. Every Team Is Elite


The teams playing in the four week group stage are without a shadow of a doubt the best teams in the world. Rarely can you say in a tournament that you’re not missing a single top team.

It’s the absolute cream of the crop in attendance and they’re all going to battle each other in a dramatic gladiator style fight to the death (kind of).


3. Australia’s Chance

mindfreak 3

As mentioned in point number two, it’s the best teams from across the entire WORLD in attendance. It’s the first time teams from Europe, North America and APAC have all each other in this tournament format.

For the Australian’s of Mindfreak, it’s their chance to prove what they’re made of, because they’ve had time to practice in the US before the event and it’s a format that means it’s not one shot and they’re gone. Can they hang with the big boys?

4. There’s $700,000 on the line

cash money

The topic of prize money probably shouldn’t be discussed as much as it is in esports. But if you consider that the prize pool for this tournament is $500,000 more than most $200,000 major MLG CoD events, it puts in perspective the magnitude that Activision and MLG are placing on this competition.

5. New Viewing Experience

featured pov

It was announced by MLG on April 19th that they’ll be introducing a new player watch feature, that will allow you to spectate a specific player on each team throughout the entire map.

It’s the first time we’ll get to see this in action and if it turns out to be positive then we’ll no doubt see it rolled out on the mainstage at CWL Anaheim in June.

6. Pro Player Guest Analysts


With the group stage games taking place across multiple weekends, it’s given MLG the opportunity to invite through various professional players to do analysis when they’re not competing.

We already know that for week one we’ll see OpTic’s Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow and for week two we’ll see Patrick ‘Aches’ Price of Cloud9.

Their insight and knowledge about how the game works will make it a rich viewing experience for those watching at home and in the audience.

7. It’s Offline

offline 2

The Pro Division for 2016 was all online and that caused some issues with disconnections and DDOS becoming a regular issue. On top of that the advantage that some players had depending on their internet connection made it all feel a little false.

We don’t need to worry about that in 2017 as the GPL will be played all offline, free from DDOS and severe host advantage. What a time to be alive!


8. It’s Not Rushed

lit 2

It feels like the format of every Call of Duty tournament ensures that an unnecessary amount of games are all played at the same time. Thankfully the GPL isn’t going to be like that.

Teams will play a maximum of twice in a day at set times, across a three day period of the group stage. We’ll get to watch the best teams in the world compete over an acceptable schedule without burnout being an issue.

9. Five Glorious Weekends of Competition

game 4

We normally get all of our Call of Duty event action in one three day period, but the beauty of the GPL is that we’ll see it for a total of five weekends.

The first four we’ll find out who’s going to the playoffs, champs and relegation. Whilst in the final weekend (two weeks after the last group stage), we’ll see the all important finals take place.

10. We’ll Find The Best Team In The World


This competition will allow us to find out who exactly is the best team in the world on Infinite Warfare in a measured and consistent way.

The team who wins the CWL Global Pro League for Stage One will be the undisputed world champions and that is a mouthwatering thought.

And the best part? We then get Stage Two.

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