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Archive • Mar 26, 2018

10 High Profile Personalities Battled it Out in the $50k Darwin Project Invitational - Final Placements and Results

10 of the biggest names in gaming and streaming took part in a second edition of the Darwin Project Invitational on Sunday, March 25th. Darwin Project is an interesting new take on the battle royale genre as it adds survival in to the mix and even offers stream viewers to directly influence it.

Darwin Project matches feature just 10 players per game. Set in a a post-apocalyptic, snow covered world, players have to survive the wilderness and not just their opponents - you can make camp fires, scavenge, and even set traps. It also has an innovative new feature called "Show Director" which basically means that one spectator per match has the ability to directly affect the game by closing zones, starting storms, or even dropping nukes (Think "Head Gamemaker" in The Hunger Games). Viewers also get a say as they can vote for different events in games like manhunts. On March 25th a number of the biggest Twitch streamers took part in a $50,000 online invitational tournament on the exciting new game, including the likes of Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Félix 'xQc' Lengyel.

After five tight games, it was Swedish streamer, and former professional StarCraft II and Hearthstone player, Sebastian 'Forsen' Fors that narrowly came out on top with 46 points - narrowly edging out shroud, who finished with 43. You can find the full results below:  
Rank Name Points Prize
1  Forsen 46 $20,000
2  shroud 43 $10,000
3  MoMan 26 $7,000
4  Mickalow 24 $5,000
5  TrU3Ta1ent 20 $3,000
6  xQc 16 $2,000
7  LIRIK 11 $1,500
8  Aiekillu 9 $1,000
9  MissHarvey 2 $750
10  CDNthe3rd 2 $500

  Darwin Project is available for purchase in the Steam store and on Xbox One and it promises to be a big hit in the live streaming community. This was the second $50,000 invitational hosted by the game's developers as they attempt to get the word out about their new title.