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Archive • Mar 13, 2018

Popular Fortnite YouTuber 'Best Trends' (1.2m subs) Called Out for Allegedly Conducting 48 Fake V-Bucks Giveaways

The large of giveaways online means there's rarely anyone held accountable for whether the prizes are distributed or not. One YouTuber has taken it upon himself to call out another content creator who has over 1.2 million subscribers, for what he claims is a lack of evidence that he's ever paid out or even announced a winner.

MrTubby200 only has around 2.5k subscribers on YouTube, but his latest video is gaining traction in the Fortnite community after he highlighted the channel Best Trends for what appears to be fake giveaways of V-Bucks. The online currency used to buy items on Fortnite is a popular giveaway item for those looking to gain extra followers, due to the game being one of the most popular currently worldwide.

MrTubby points out that on his last 48 videos, Best Trends has said that he'll be giving away V-Bucks, including his most recent videos claiming he'll be giving away 1 V-Buck per like that he receives (videos often exceed 10k likes). Looking into his video descriptions, Twitter and other social media accounts, MrTubby can't find anywhere that explains when a winner will be announced, confirmation of any winners and no one thanking him for receiving the prize.

He goes on to explain that if Best Trends does come out and proves that he's given away the tens of thousands of dollars he claims to have offered up, he will delete his video, but so far has failed to receive a response. You can view the full explanation of why he called him out below. x