Where to find Briar Branches in New World: How to complete A Prickly Request

James Busby
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If you’re aiming to complete New World’s ‘A Prickly Request’, then you’ll first need to locate some Briar Branches. Fortunately, locating this prickly resource isn’t that difficult. 

New World is home to all kinds of common and rare materials. In fact, explorers will need to locate numerous items when adventuring through the brutal world of Aeternum. From elusive sheep to Fiber and Linen, there is a huge abundance of crafting materials that are ripe for harvest. 

Like most MMOs, locating essential materials in New World can prove rather difficult. This is especially true if you’ve only just managed to get access to the game’s beta. Whether you’re looking to complete ‘A Prickly Request’ or just wish to gather Briar Branches for your crafting needs, then you’ll need to know where they spawn and how to get them. 


Where to get Briar Branches in New World?

Briar Branches New World
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Briar Branches are very easy to harvest.

Finding Briar Branches in New World is relatively simple once you know what to look for. Here’s how you can find these thorny branches:

  1. Open your game map by pressing ‘M’. 
  2. Find a location that has a body of water near it. 
  3. Travel over to the lake, stream, or pond.
  4. Look for bushes that have thorns sticking out of them. 
  5. Harvest the Briar Branches from the bush. 

Unlike other resources, Briar Branches don’t require any tools to harvest. Simply go up to any Briar and begin harvesting. The river that runs along Stoutmarch fort has plenty of Briars, so simply follow the route and pick up any Briar Branches you need. 

How to complete A Prickly Request

In order to complete Barkeep Gormack’s request, you’ll need to secure the following items: 

  • 3 Skinned Rabbits.
  • 6 Plucked Turkeys.
  • 8 Briar Branches.

Once you have all these resources, you’ll be rewarded with 3,000 XP, 39.93 gold coins, 250 Standing, and an Armor Case. Not a bad haul considering how easy these items are to collect. 

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