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New World

New World players roast customization and want more cosmetics already

Published: 30/Jul/2021 20:10

by Bill Cooney


New World players are already tearing into the customization and gear options in the new MMORPG, even though the game is still technically only in beta.

If there’s one thing fans of MMORPGs expect, it’s awesome-looking high level and endgame items. The beta for Amazon Games Studio’s New World has plenty of them, but the top-tier gear offered to a few classes has left some players disappointed.

More specifically, players who have opted to use the Faction Light Armor. Stat-wise it’s great, providing some of the best buffs in the game.

But, according to Reddit user unnaned123 and a few others, based on the upvotes, it looks absolutely “ridiculous.”


Customization flamed on Reddit

“Faction light armor looks ridiculous,” they said along with a picture of their toon. The post has racked up over 700 upvotes and was rising up the subreddit page on July 30.

“It’s better than anything I can craft or loot so I’m left with the appearance of 16th-century poem writer. Please add some alternative or change it.”

Faction light armor looks ridiculous. It’s better than anything i can craft or loot so I’m left with appearance of 16th century poem writer. Please add some alternative or change it. (sorry for bad eng) from newworldgame

First things first, hats off to the user for that amazing take. The Light Faction armor does indeed make it look like your character would be more comfortable with a quill pondering in a study, rather than any kind of weapon or magic battling in combat.


So, it does make sense then that some players not role-playing an outcast gentleman poet would want an option to maybe make the light armor look different.

New World armor options

Luckily, for players who want to stay Light and not rock this unique look, there are options available that utilize other, less fussy pieces of medium armor.

Amazon Game Studios
Luckily, New World has plenty of armor to choose from, even in beta.

For players looking to stay underweight, you can equip up to three Medium armor pieces and still be technically Light — as long as you stay under 15 weight. All you need to do is use a faction seal on each piece you want to use, and you’re good to go.

Amazon Games could very well implement some sort of transmog system similar to WoW or another way to change the appearance of gear and armor as the game comes out fully, but for the beta those wanting to rock all Light Faction gear might not want to get caught up on looks just yet.