New World players beg Amazon to ignore streamers like Asmongold “crying” over beta

New World players beg Amazon to ignore streamers like Asmongold "crying" over betaAmazon Games

New World players have begged Amazon to ignore streamers like Asmongold, who are “crying” over the game’s PvP scaling system, claiming their views don’t represent the broader community.

Amazon’s new open-world MMORPG, New World, has taken over the internet since the closed beta started on July 20. Streamers like Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believe it has the potential to succeed where World of Warcraft is failing.

However, others have been less inclined. For example, Asmongold described the beta as “dysfunctional” and believes the game isn’t close to being ready. He’s also been vocal about the PvP scaling system, which others like JoshOG have criticized too.

But on the contrary, countless threads filled with players urging the developers to ignore streamer’s comments about the system have been popping up left, right, and center and one of them has gained a lot of traction.

“Amazon, do not listen to streamers crying about PvP scaling,” wrote a passionate player named Harrada, who started the thread. “Traits in this game are so strong that if you are losing to a level 12 as a level 60, it’s because they are better than you. Simple as that.”

He urged streamers to stop “crying” about wanting to be stronger than low-level players in a game mode that is “supposed to be balanced regardless of gear and level” and thinks they should “try being better” instead.

“Listening to a lot of these streamers beg Amazon to remove PvP scaling so they don’t have to worry about losing PvP against lower levels is cringe,” he added. “They do not represent the PvP community of this game.”

“Your advantage over lower levels are your weapon traits and your skill. If that’s not enough to overcome them, you have bigger problems. The Scaling system may need refinement, but removing it would be a mistake.”

The fervent post has been upvoted almost 1,500 times. But more importantly, it has sparked a conversation spanning 500 comments. Most people agree that the current system is balanced and claimed that streamers complaining about it are “super cringe” and “don’t know how to handle the game.”

No streamers have responded yet, and given the amount of anger directed towards them, it will take some courage to retort. But Asmongold is never afraid to speak his mind.