New World players are griefing opponents to steal more Iron Ore

. 9 months ago
New World Iron Ore mining
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New World Iron Ore is one of the most highly sought-after mining materials, but players are now coming up with unique ways to steal it from other adventurers.

Mining Iron Ore in New World is incredibly important as it enables you to craft a number of early-game weapons and armor. As a result, every adventurer that wishes to survive the brutal lands of Aeternum will need this crafting material. After all, being able to take down tough foes and stave off a lethal hit from enemy players will always be useful. 

New World has proven so popular that players have found ways to avoid long queue times and even stop other travelers from gathering resources. While New World’s Iron Ore locations are scattered throughout the land, a number of adventurers have found a way to take the game’s mining spots for themselves. 

New World griefers find trick to get more Iron Ore

New World Iron Ore
Amazon Game Studios
Iron Ore is one of the most-used crafting materials in New World.

Iron Veins can be found nearly everywhere throughout Aeternum, but the most popular mining routes are found by the various Towns. This means you’ll be competing with other travelers if you wish to claim as much Iron Ore as possible. 

While the majority of players simply patiently wait for unoccupied nodes to appear, a number of adventurers have begun to get a little creative in their endeavors. In a video posted to the New World Reddit page, Munchables highlighted the moment when he saw a traveler lure a wild Lynx into the mining area. 

The Lynx then began to attack a nearby adventurer, forcing them off of the Iron Vein and into a combat scenario. While the player was busy fighting off the frenzied feline, the pesky perpetrator swooped in and began taking all the Iron or for themselves.

Munchables could hardly believe his eyes and began to laugh uncontrollably as the player desperately tried to fight off his new enemy. If you’re planning to collect Iron Ore in New World, then you may want to keep your eye out for any pesky griefers, particularly those who team up with the local wildlife. 

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