Is New World getting mounts? How to move around Aeternum quickly

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New World Mounts
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If you’re just starting out on your New World experience, you might be wondering whether the game has mounts. Here’s everything you need to know, including tips to travel faster.

New World has enjoyed a successful launch so far. In fact, it’s been so successful, the sheer number of players is causing long queue times, which the developers are addressing by adding server transfers and new features.

However, that’s not all players are concerned about. Some players, especially those who migrated from World of Warcraft, are wondering whether the game has rideable mounts. Here’s everything you need to know.

New World resource gathering
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New World players have no choice but to traverse Aeternum on foot.

Are there Mounts in New World?

The answer to that question is no. New World does not currently have mounts. Some players are baffled by that, especially because it’s referenced in the lore. It’s even convinced them that they might never come at all.

In an exclusive interview with Wccftech, Scot Lane, the Game Director, revealed the reason why mounts haven’t been added to the game yet.

“I think right now our world isn’t of the size that warrants mounts,” he said.

New World stone cutting table
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New World has many features and tools at your disposable, but mounts aren’t among them.

How to move quickly in New World

Since there aren’t any mounts, players have no choice but spend most of their time traversing the Aeternum landscape on foot.

However, there are two other ways to move around quicker. The first is to recall to an Inn the settlement you’ve chosen as your home. It’s free of charge, but it does have a cooldown timer of an hour. So, using it sparingly.

The second way to move around quicker is to fast travel. It can save you a lot of time, but it will also cost you some valuable Azoth. It’s called fast traveling. You can read all about it in our fast travel guide by clicking here.

fast travel New World
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Fast travel is the best way to move around Aeternum quickly. However, it comes at a price.

New World mounts release date

The good news, though, is that Lane confirmed mounts will be added down the track.

“That’s gonna happen at some point,” he said. The catch is that it will only happen when the world is big enough to support it.

“We’ll add mounts when we feel players will benefit from them, and we can do them in a really cool way that works for us.”

That could happen as soon as the first expansion, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Amazon New World MMO
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New World devs confirmed mounts would be coming to the game at some point.

The news is a relief to players who thought they’d be exploring and questing on foot in Aeternum forever.

As for when the developers think it’ll be time to add mounts, it could be as soon as the first expansion. But it’s all speculation until more details have been confirmed.

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