New World gems: How they work, locations, crafting, more

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Once you hit a certain stage within New World, you’re going to obtain certain weapons or armor that’ll have an open gem slot. But, New World’s gems can be rather confusing at first glance if you don’t know how to obtain one.

New World is Amazon’s new hit MMORPG that has been soaring on Steam since it was released back on September 28. Now, players are venturing into all that Aeternum has to offer, and there’s a ton of content for players to jump into, with aspects such as crafting, fishing, and leveling being some of the core components.

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One aspect that you’re more than likely going to become aware of towards the later levels is gems. They are especially important once you’ve obtained some high-level gear, and we’re going to run overall you need to know about New World’s gems.


What are New World gems used for?

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New World’s gem offer players a wide assortment of enhancements to their gear.

Gems are basically modifications and boosts that you’ll be able to place on certain items within New World. Most of the time, these weapons/armor will be blue in rarity, so around level 22 is when you’ll mainly come across these gem slots.

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You’ll know if a piece of gear has a gem slot, as it’s indicated through a circle right next to the logo of the gear. If the slot is empty, then you can equip a gem to this piece, if the two are compatible with one another.

How to get New World gems

New World stone cutting tableAmazon Games Studio
The Stonecutting table is used for various tasks in New World, along with making gems.

If you’re looking to give your gear a bit of a boost, then you’re going to want to find some of these gems and craft some wicked ones to use.

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Players will first need to find the raw gemstone material itself before they’ll be able to equip it with their weapon. These can be found through Mining materials, and it’s a bit of RNG when it comes to this, but you might be able to accumulate some over time.

As well, players do have the option to go into their city’s Trading Post to purchase some raw gemstones, but they’ll usually be running a decent bit of gold.

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Once you have some of these gems in your inventory, you’re going to want to head over to the Stonecutting table. Once here, select the gemstone that you want to craft, and find the required materials you’ll need to craft it,

Another note about crafting these gems is that you’ll also need certain items called “motes” that you’ll be able to obtain through harvesting special plants throughout Aeternum.
New World gem effects

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New World gem effects

Now that you’re ready to dive into gem crafting, it’s best to get familiar with all the gems within New World and the offensive/defensive effects they’ll have on the player.

These can be viewed down below:

Gem Defensive Effect Offensive Effect
Amber Nature damage absorption Damage converted to nature
Amethyst Void damage absorption Damage converted to to void
Aquamarine Ice damage absorption Damage converted to ice
Carnelian Less threat Taunts are active
Diamond Primary physical and secondary elemental damage absorption Increases damage and healing
Emerald Thurst damage absorption More damage against enemies with less than 30% health
Jasper Strike damage absorption Increased damage after taking 3 hits
Malachite Primary elemental and secondary physical damage absorption Increased damage against enemies under crowd control
Moonstone Slash damage absorption Increased damage when below 30% health
Onyx Physical damage absorption Increased damage against enemies with full health
Opal Elemental damage absorption Increased damage while stamina is not full
Ruby Fire damage absorption Damage converted to fire
Sapphire Arcane damage absorption Damage converted to arcane
Topaz Lightning damage absorption Damage converted to lighting

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