New World devs add feature to combat server overload after launch

New World devs add new feature to combat "server overload" after launchAmazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios announced they’re adding a new feature that prevents New World players from creating characters in popular servers to combat long queue times and server overload.

New World’s launch has been immense. However, the sheer amount of players trying to get onto the servers, which is capped at 2,000 players for the time being, has resulted in long queue times that can take hours.

To make matters worse, those who have been fortunate enough to get on are coming up with creative ways to avoid having to queue again. The problem, though, is that it’s making queue times even longer than they already were.

As a result, the developers have been hard at work adding new servers and increasing population capacities. They claim 40% of their servers have low wait times. They’re also working on a server transfer system to allow players on popular servers to move.

New World settlementAmazon Game Studios
New World’s launch has been marred by long queue times.

That’s not all they’ve got in the works. On October 2, the developers announced they’re also implementing a new feature that indicates if a server is full. It also prevents players from creating new characters on them.

“We have been working hard to increase the number of servers and increase the capacity of all available servers,” they said.

“We are also implementing a system to prevent new players from creating new characters in full servers.”

“Whenever a server is full, the server will be greyed out with the messaging ‘Character Creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation.’ This does not affect any characters already created on the server.”

28 servers have already been classified as “Full.” You can see them on the official server status website by clicking here. Others will likely follow in the coming days.

However, it’s expected to balance once the server transfer feature has been implemented sometime before October 8.