New World devs delay Winter Convergence event update

Connor Knudsen
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Many New World players expected the Winter Convergence event to have already begun, but devs have announced the December update will be on its way soon.

New World’s much-anticipated patch 1.2 December update is set to bring a new Winter Convergence event and some exciting new changes to the Amazon Games’ MMO.

Among these expected changes are a new Expertise system, some seasonal outposts, holiday festivities, and much more.

But players are going to have to remain patient for the update, as devs have urged them to “stay tuned” for more on the event’s start.

When is New World’s Winter Convergence event starting?

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The Winter Convergence event will totally transform Aeternum from the looks of it.

There is currently no set start date for the Winter Convergence event in New World, which is set to coincide with the December monthly update, patch 1.2.

While many expected the event to begin on December 14, devs instead posted an announcement to the game’s forums updating players on the status of the event.

While we still do not know much, devs are excited to unveil the new event, whenever that may be:

“We know you are all super excited for the December Monthly Update and the release of the Winter Convergence event and so are we,” wrote the  devs. “Stay tuned for the December Monthly Update announcement!”

Fans are naturally upset that the event didn’t start when they had hoped it would, with one user posting to Reddit saying, “Welp, so much for the Winter Event that was supposed to happen today 😔”

While this is not the best of news for players, one silver lining is that it did seem like the event was near ready based on the nature of the devs post to forums, as they urged players to “stay tuned.”

In any case, we will continue to provide updates on the event’s launch, any patch notes, and other news related to the December update and Winter Convergence event as they are made available.

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