New World co-op guide: How to play with friends

new world warriors fighting an angry ghost in graveyardAmazon Game Studios

Tearing down your enemies is no fun without friends, so here’s how to create groups and play co-op in New World.

One of the best parts of the MMO universe is being able to play with loads of friends all at the one time. New World is no different, where players can wage all out war in teams of 50, or head out on expeditions with 20 other explorers.

If you’re looking to play with friends in Amazon’s 17th Century universe, then make sure your character is leveled to perfection and get ready to take part in some spectacular group adventures.

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Happy with your character’s progress and ready to go? Here’s how to play with friends in New World and form co-op groups.


New World archers shooting over parapetAmazon Game Studios
War. What is it good for? Making friends apparently…

How to add friends in New World

Thankfully the process of adding friends is a lot less painful that trying to muster your forces and take down enemy fortresses.

Another plus is that you don’t have to be friends on Steam in order to play together. Not only does this make the game more social, it means your Steam isn’t full of random people you’ve only spoken to once.

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Additionally, your friends must be on the same world server as you, as currently cross-world play is unavailable.

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In order to play with friends in New World:

  1. Open the main menu using “Esc.”
  2. Go to the “Social” menu on the left hand side of the main menu.
  3. Use the search bar to type in your friend’s in-game name.
  4. When their portrait appears, click it.
  5. You can then select “Add friend.”
  6. From now on, your new companion will appear on your friends list.
New World one faction lays siege to another faction's fortAmazon Game Studios
Now you’ve got some allies you can wage total war, but how do you get your merry band together?

How to make groups

Now that you’ve collected a merry band of bloodthirsty misfits, you’ll no doubt want to take on some of the game’s group activities. From laying siege to another faction, to snatching their outposts, there’s a lot to do in Aeternum.

You won’t want to head in all by yourself, though, so to form a group:

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  1. Choose your allies (wisely) on your friend list.
  2. Select “Add to group.”
    • Alternatively, you can add them in via the “Group” tab in Social.
  3. Your teammate will then be displayed in-game with a blue waypoint.

So that’s how to play with friends in New World! Looking to flex on your allies a little? Be sure to check out our list of guides:

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