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How to transfer New World servers: free server transfer date, more

Published: 1/Oct/2021 7:59

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


If you’re a New World player looking to transfer to a less populated server in an effort to avoid long queue times, here’s everything you need to know, including when free server transfers are happening.

New World’s launch has been a resounding success for players who have been able to get onto the immensely populated servers. However, for everyone else, it’s been a battle of who has more patience when it comes to queuing.

In fact, the long queue times have led to thousands of players review bombing the game in a bid to vent their frustration. To make matters worse, players who actually get on are inventing ways to avoid having to queue again.


The developers have done their best to roll out new servers in waves.

However, the game’s immense popularity has forced their hand to do more. In addition to new servers, they’re also increasing the population cap and offering free server transfers.

When are New World free server transfers happening?

New World players are dying to know when free server transfers will happen. Initially, the developers said it will arrive within two weeks from launch day. However, it could be coming a little sooner than expected.

On October 1st, the developers posted a tweet saying, “Our goal is to release this feature next week.” If that ends up happening, it means the free server transfer feature will arrive sometime before October 8th.


However, that it’s only their target date. The developers insisted they only want to release the free server transfer feature once they’ve “thoroughly tested and are sure it’s ready.” So, take the initial date with a grain of salt.

How to transfer New World servers

Since adding more servers, the developers claim that forty percent of their live servers have low or no wait times. But unfortunately, there isn’t a way to them yet. You’ll need to wait until the date mentioned above.

In the meantime, you can re-roll a character on one of the new servers if you’re separate. However, the progress from your existing one won’t carry over.


The developers have admitted that giving players the ability to transfer servers is a “top priority” on their list. “We will provide detailed information on how the transfer process works. We know how important it is,” they said.

New World Inn teleport
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If you want to transfer your New World character to a different server, you’ll need to wait a little longer.

That’s everything we know about New World server transfers so far. We’ll update this article with more information once it’s available, including the free server transfer date.

If you are lucky enough to get into your server, don’t forget to check out our New World leveling guide to make the early grind easier.