How to fix New World server lag: Players discover simple solution

Theo Salaun
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Amazon’s New World MMO has opened to the public and, after bypassing brutal queue times, people are struggling with lag issues. Fortunately, players have figured out how to fix New World’s server lag and input delays.

If you’ve purchased New World, you’ve very likely run into some obstacles while trying to level up and enjoy the game’s content. The developers are knee-deep in efforts to solve the queue time problems, but players have become frustrated by in-game issues as well.

While the game itself appears to be a jolly time when functioning properly, players and streamers alike noticed an increase in server lag, input delay, chat problems, and just general “bugginess.”

Fortunately, they’ve also discovered what appears to be a surprisingly simple (albeit potentially annoying) fix for the problems. And it’s all about your chat feed.

New World server lag & “bugginess” issues

As mentioned by Call of Duty League caster and impromptu New World streamer Maven, the MMO has had some in-game complaints accompany the wider queue time annoyances. 

And he wasn’t the only one to experience “bugginess” and “input delay,” as the New World subreddit complained as well. But they also investigated potential fixes and seem to have found an answer.

How to fix New World server lag & input delay

As discussed by Maven in the clip above, in which he references the aforementioned Reddit solution, the fix is easy but unideal:

  1. Hit enter to open up chat
  2. Click “feed” icon 
  3. Unmute all options (including global and area)

This fixes lag issues because, as Maven explains, muted chat backs up in your game because of how “this dumbass game is designed.” 

So you can either stop and un-mute everything briefly when you feel lagginess or just leave everything unmuted until Amazon decide to deploy a fix. For now, though, that’s the simplest solution people have come up with: unmuting and briefly welcoming the spam.