Asmongold slams “dysfunctional” New World beta: “It’s not f**king ready”

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As fans continue diving head-first into the highly anticipated New World closed beta, MMO expert Asmongold — WoW, FFXIV, and general genre veteran —slammed Amazon’s upcoming release as “not ready.”

Despite some delays and stumbles along the way, Amazon’s highly anticipated New World MMO continues to power forward, quickly approaching its delayed release date of August 31, 2021.

One important milestone prior to release is the title’s final closed beta test. Running from July 20 to August 3, this is the last chance — barring any additional delays — for customers who’ve pre-ordered the game (and some randomly selected testers) to try it out before its full release.

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Although some fans, like Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, have high hopes for the genre’s newcomer, others like fellow content creator Asmongold aren’t so optimistic, even going so far as to say the game is “not f**king ready” for release based on the state of its beta.

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Asmongold believes New World needs more time in the oven before a full release.

In his YouTube video, Asmon broke down comments from another MMO creator, ‘KiraTV,’ and wasted no time diving into his criticisms of the game’s current state: “I’m gonna be real with you guys, [New World] is not f**king ready for a next-month release.”

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The streamer voiced concerns that there are many core issues in the upcoming title that still remain unaddressed by Amazon Games. “It’s so dysfunctional, it’s so laggy, it’s so broken,” he revealed, before commenting “I don’t know what they’re gonna do [to fix it].”

One pain point Asmongold mentioned is the state of player trading. As his experience with the mechanic boiled down to “this s**t is f**ked,” he explained that the trading prompts in New World simply don’t work, completely blocking players from using the feature.

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Another area where the streamer failed to see improvement from the last beta was player and character movement. “I think the core movement and attack patterns are just s**t,” he exclaimed. “Trying to have dodge-based rolls in a game with latency doesn’t work.”

Other aspects of New World that worried the creator include quest progression, fast travel mechanics, lack of optimization, the absence of high-level endgame content, and Amazon’s plans for monetization — which remains a hot-button topic amongst the game’s players.

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“Here’s why I’m upset about this,” Asmon clarified, “It’s because I like New World.” He then revealed just how much time he’d spent playing the game prior to release: “Between the betas, I put [in] 182 hours. I love New World, and I don’t want them to f**k it [up].”

Despite his concerns about the game’s state heading into launch, the streamer did praise Amazon for the work they’d put in since the last beta session. “They’ve improved a lot of things [based on community feedback],” he pointed out.

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While Asmongold hasn’t given up on New World, and confirmed time and time again that he does, in fact, want it to succeed, the MMO veteran appears to have serious concerns for the game’s future leading up to its full release on August 31, 2021.

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