Viral NBA 2K22 TikTok brutally roasts game animations and it’s perfect

Josh Tyler
NBA 2K22 TikTok
NBA 2K, TikTok: Neek662

Players angry about NBA 2K22’s animations and glitches showed how ridiculous the moves would look in real life, with a viral TikTok clip. 

The NBA 2K series has been notorious for being glitchy and locking players into unrealistic animations. One of the most common complaints from members of the community is that this basketball simulation game does a poor job of simulating the game of basketball.

While there are other problems such as the prevalence of microtransactions that NBA 2K players have brought up over the years, inconsistent gameplay continues to hold the series back.

As many were hoping NBA 2K22 would polish issues from the previous games and improve the quality of play, it seems that many of the same issues are still present, as one viral TikTok demonstrated.

TikTok roasts NBA 2K22 animations

NBA 2K22 players are frustrated at unrealistic animations.
NBA 2K22 players are frustrated at unrealistic animations.

TikTok user Neek662 took to the hardwood to show just how ridiculous some of the most common game animations would look in real life.

Neek662 and a friend showed off the “Things We Hate in NBA 2K” including clunky and ineffective paint defense, strong defense on jump shots being ineffective, unrealistic steal animations, and getting locked into layup animations that turn an open basket into a block.

The TikTok was reposted to the NBA 2K subreddit where the player response was overwhelmingly positive.

Commenters repeatedly said that the animations that Neeks662 mimicked those that you can encounter in the game. The smothered shot and layup animations, in particular, were called out as being accurate.

Others noted that, while accurate, the video was missing some of the other annoying animations in NBA 2K. “They forgot pump fake blocks”, one user replied. “Add the fact 3pts are easier than shots closer to the rim and it’s a wrap”, another added.

One player concluded by saying: “Sheesh felt like I just watched an actual game of park”, referring to the pickup game mode.