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Phoenix Suns plan to simulate suspended NBA games on 2K via Twitch

Published: 13/Mar/2020 11:09 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 15:00

by Connor Bennett


The Phoenix Suns have confirmed that they’ll be taking their schedule to NBA 2K and Twitch after the season was suspended due to the Coronavirus.

On March 11, after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the Coronavirus, the NBA announced that the season would be suspended for the foreseeable future, with some arenas in the league going on lockdown.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver confirmed on March 12 that the league has scope to return after an initial suspension of a month but it appears as if teams are already looking at putting on games virtually using the popular NBA 2K franchise. 


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The Phoenix Suns will be taking their NBA schedule into the online world due to COVID-19.

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Moments prior to Silver’s announcement, the Phoenix Suns confirmed that they will be playing a part of their schedule using the game and streaming it live on Twitch. 

“The season isn’t over yet… We will continue to play the Suns season games on NBA 2K! Saturday’s game will be moved to tomorrow,” the team tweeted – confirming that they’ll be taking on their Western Conference rivals in the Dallas Mavericks first. 

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Now, while some fans may have taken this as having their team suit up and take on the Mavs starting five in a game of 2K, that, probably won’t be the case, as teams are self-isolating and cannot partake in group activities until March 16.


Instead, other fans have speculated that the game will be played out as a game in 2K where the computer controls both teams and the full broadcast plays out as it would like a normal, regular match-up.

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With fans set to be without their favorite basketball franchises for at least a month, it remains to be seen as to whether any other teams will follow suit and drop content for their supporters to enjoy. 

As all the major American sports leagues are suspended or considering a delay, and have their own respective video games, the possibilities are there for them to follow the Suns.