NBA 2K23 update hotfixes overpowered post-scoring bug

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NBA 2K23 has hotfixed post shots and hook shots which were previously immune to shot contests from defenders.

If you noticed that post scorers were particularly lethal upon the game’s release, you certainly were not alone.

It turns out that both post shots and hook shots were not being affected by shot contests, meaning big men back down the paint were nearly unstoppable.

Now, the 2K devs have released a hotfix targeting the bug, plus more changes.

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Michale Jordan squaring up Gary Payton in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 hotfix nerfs post shots and hook shots

2K Sports Gameplay director Mike Wang announced that both post shots and hook shots were completely unaffected by shot contests.

In order to combat this unintended gameplay bug, the 2K team released a hotfix on September 16 which corrected the problem.

On top of that, another bug was targeted that allowed post-hook attempts to green without players releasing the stick at all.

He said: Post shots/hooks are currently immune to contests. This will be hotfixed tomorrow morning. The other bug where post hooks can green w/o releasing the stick is known and still being investigated. Tomorrow’s fix should keep hooks in check until we can address it.”

Thankfully centers and power forwards using post-scoring moves won’t be nearly as powerful now that a hotfix has been released.

Previous to the patch, big men were completely dominating all different online modes in NBA 2K23 as their shots simply couldn’t be contested.

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