NBA 2K23 update 1.005 September 19 patch notes

Young Michael Jordan in NBA 2K232K Sports

NBA 2K23 has been in the hands of the public for more than a week now and update 1.0005 on September 19 brought a few quick fixes to the beloved basketball sim.

NBA 2K23 is off to a hot start so far in its young lifespan. The game has already drawn praise for being an improvement over the last several iterations in the franchise, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for further change.

2K Sports dropped a patch on September 19 that looks to make the game a little more stable for the next-gen consoles as well as patching up a few holes elsewhere in the experience.

NBA 2K23 September 19 update patch notes

The most important thing that was affected this time around was the health of the game. While the devs are still mum about what exactly got painted over, the 1GB update clearly had some substantial work to do.

While the official Twitter account claims there were no gameplay changes made, some fans are theorizing that a popular VC glitch was patched out and that some MyCareer issues were taken care of.

One of these problems was the signing of a player’s shoe contract, which was an area where users were getting their progress stuck. However, if this info is correct, everyone should be able to handle that without issue now and continue to climb the quest ranks of the game’s signature mode.

This update comes off the back of a significant fix for the post-hook bug which was allowing players to score at will with the big man move.

There’s no official word on any other changes at this time, but we’ll be sure to keep this page updated if more are revealed.