How to get unlimited boosts in NBA 2K23

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A number of NBA 2K23 players recently earned unlimited boosts with little effort; now other users are hoping to replicate that success.

In essence, unlimited boosts in NBA 2K games significantly level up skill boosts. Jump Shots, Steals, and Blocks stats previously listed at a rating of, say, 95 will upgrade to a limitless figure – denoted by an infinity symbol in the menus.

Hitting the jackpot like this has been a possibility in NBA 2K entries for quite some time. However, players still get excited when the opportunity comes knocking.

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Fortunately, for 2K23 users, unlimited boosts remain alive and well. And community members are more than willing to share their path to success.

Here’s how to access unlimited boosts in NBA 2K23

In a Reddit thread dedicated to their recent skill boost victory, user Jermo25 explained how they earned unlimited boosts.

According to the Redditor, it simply came down to a matter of unlocking the boosts as a daily spin reward.

Others chimed in to say they’ve seen people earn the same reward from NBA 2K23’s in-game trick-or-treating event.

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The Redditor responsible for the original post noted in subsequent replies that unlocking unlimited boosts via daily spin “shocked” them because they’d “never seen it before.”

Suffice it to say, other NBA 2K23 players may want to try their luck at the prize wheel in hopes of getting unlimited boosts.

To locate the prize wheel on last-gen hardware, users should check the Silver Deck’s Promenade area on the G.O.A.T. Boat.

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For current-gen console owners, the wheel location depends on City Affiliation – similar to its functionality in NBA 2K22. Finding the right spot should be as simple as searching for the daily spin icon on the City map.

NBA 2K23 is in stores now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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