NBA 2K23 replica build glitch just got patched

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The replica build glitch in NBA 2K23, which let players become their favorite NBA star, recently received a patch.

Replica builds in NBA 2K23 essentially allowed users on current-gen hardware to game the system and recreate a real NBA player’s skillset with their MyPlayer character.

As a result, some were able to fully replicate the stats of pros such as Atlanta Hawks Guard Trae Young and Clippers Forward Kawhi Leonard. Even NBA legends like Dennis Rodman and Chauncey Billups were fair game.

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Such rewards came with risks, though, chief among them being a build’s potential removal. Thus, it should come as no surprise that developer Visual Concepts has already cut off access to this little-known feature.

New NBA 2K23 update fixes replica build glitch

Upon jumping into the latest NBA 2K entry, Reddit user JuanBrian noticed that a new patch removed the replica build glitch. And any previously made builds of this nature have seemingly suffered deletion without notice.

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Naturally, players aren’t happy about the update, especially since, as JuanBrian put it, the bug “was a cool glitch and even an incentivization to make new builds…”

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Many in the Reddit thread agreed with the sentiments shared by the original poster. “They always ruin fun things. This time it actually makes no sense as folks were buying VC to make the name glitch builds,” one disappointed user wrote.

Another player noted that it’s “crazy how they patch this but let the glitched builds stay around [in NBA 2K22], which gave you an actual advantage.”

Needless to say, some changes in NBA 2K23’s January 9 patch belong on the list of reasons that longtime NBA 2K fans have a love-hate relationship with the newest installment.

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