NBA 2K23 Replica build glitch lets players become their favorite superstar

Trae Young in NBA 2K23 eras mode.2K Sports

Replica builds are a little-known feature of NBA 2K23 but players have now figured out how to unlock their true potential with some clever stats manipulation.

Anyone who has made a MyCareer character in NBA 2K23 will be familiar with the player comparison system. After setting the vitals and stats for a new baller, creators are met with a screen that lets them know who their new character will theoretically play like.

It’s usually not an exact matchup, so the most common “Shades of” screen will provide a few different comparisons. However, replica builds allow players to hone in on an existing star’s exact skillset and become an embodiment of them.

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NBA 2K23 Replica build glitch turns created characters into existing stars

The process for achieving this feat in NBA 2K23 is a lengthy one, and requires its own guide – but the results are fascinating. By following these steps, creative minds can recreate (and even improve on) their favorite player’s entire game.

In the Reddit post embedded below, one fan has pulled it off perfectly, graduating from ‘Shades of Trae Young’ to an elusive ‘Ice Trae’ build.

Unfortunately, not every NBA legend has this kind of build in NBA 2K23. Some of the most popular options outside of Young are Bill Laimbeer’s ‘Prince of Darkness’ build and Kawhi Leonard’s ‘The Klaw’ setup.

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The only downside with these builds is that they’re not exactly intended to be public information, and the amount of work it takes to set them up is daunting. In theory, NBA 2K23 could ban someone who goes to such lengths to manipulate the game and get these results – but there’s no hard evidence of that happening yet.

It’s also important to note that Replicas are a next-gen-only feature, so anyone playing on the PS4/Xbox One version of the game will not have access to these builds.