NBA 2K23 players want new voting system and it’s ruthless

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NBA 2K23 players are asking the developers to add an option to kick specific players from online matches, particularly ones who are seemingly losing on purpose.

NBA 2K’s more dedicated players get pretty serious when it comes to playing online in rec play.

Fans of the annual basketball sim take their customized MyPlayers into rec league games online in search of wins in the 5v5 mode.

Like in any online game, competition can get heated and the stakes raised, meaning slackers or underperformers will be less than welcome. However, with no ability to kick underachievers from matches, NBA 2K23 players are hoping the devs can fix the issue.

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NBA 2K23 demand option to kick players in online matches

2K player ExcellentMinimum2522 posted to the game’s subreddit a screenshot of their game stats after a rec match has concluded.

The most noticeable player on the stat sheet was their teammate who managed to turnover the ball an insane 20 times. Despite their performance grade of D, the game declined to kick them from the game despite their ineptitude.

They said, “2k needs a vote to kick option in rec. The dude got 20 TOs and STILL didn’t grade out.”

Fellow 2K fans in the comment section championed their desire for a kick option. One user said, “The game needs to kick people if they get too many back-to-back 3 seconds called on them. That would be considered griefing, I play MLB The Show, and if you hit 3 or 4 batters in a row, you’re automatically kicked.”

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However, another 2K player disagreed and noted: “A vote to kick will be too toxic, that’s going to cause some bad stuff like squads kicking out the random. But punish dumb turnovers in a row harder, and punish missing consecutive heavily contested shots harder. 20 turnovers is insane.”

For the sake of online rec league matches, dedicated NBA 2K23 players are hoping some kind of fix is on the way.