NBA 2K23 players fed up with lack of communication from devs

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Since many important details don’t appear on NBA 2K-branded channels, NBA 2K23 players have grown frustrated with the lack of communication from developers.

The NBA 2K community has experienced more than a fair few ups and downs with NBA 2K23 since its launch in September 2022.

For one, glitches related to the shot meter, traveling, and other gameplay mechanics have plagued the title on and off. Several nerfs and buffs have impacted the basketball sim in recent weeks, too.

It doesn’t help that many in-game changes fail to receive mention in patch notes and other official channels. Fans have become annoyed with the development team’s communication, or lack thereof, as a consequence.

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NBA 2K23 users want better communication from developers

Over the weekend, Gameplay Director Mike Wang explained the function of the Deadeye badge to confused NBA 2K fans on Twitter.

Users appreciated the insight but lamented that such information came through one person’s social media page instead of “an official website ahead of time.”

3much4u shared their frustrations on the NBA 2K subreddit, calling attention to how need-to-know details too often surface via “drips and drabs” on Mike Wang’s Twitter feed.

Some NBA 2K23 fans approach the subpar communication cynically, arguing that “keeping things ambiguous [equates to] more VC spent on new builds” – a win-win for 2K.

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Another person added to the chorus: “they don’t have competition. No reason to make the game better or nicer for us.”

Unsurprisingly, this is especially frustrating for those who feel they’ve “wasted” points on badges they misunderstood. “1000% agree there should be a detailed explanation like this somewhere,” wrote one frustrated Redditor.

Longtime fans don’t seem convinced that the status quo will change on the communication front anytime soon.