NBA 2K23 players demand anti-cheat as hacker turns into “Legendary Pokemon”

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While sharing gameplay footage seemingly features a hacker deploying wings, an NBA 2K23 player calls for anti-cheat measures.

For years, developers behind online games have combated, or at least tried to combat, hacking on PC with anti-cheat systems.

Recent Call of Duty entries has used Activision’s very own anti-cheat tool, RICOCHET. Ubisoft launched a new technique just last week to address the hacking problem with Rainbow Six Siege on PC.

But to the chagrin of many a player, Take-Two and developer Visual Concepts have yet to put similar measures in place for the NBA 2K series.

Player makes case for why NBA 2K23 needs anti-cheat

A post from Reddit user Drewismyname jokes that the anti-cheat tool in the latest NBA 2K installment is working as intended.

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In addition to the tongue-in-cheek caption, the post also features footage of an NBA 2K23 player in the REC arena literally sprouting wings.

Because the Redditor was playing on PC at the time of the recording, it stands to reason that a hacker bears responsibility for the winged ball player.

“Mans looks like a Legendary Pokemon,” one user said in response to the humorous video clip. Another person joked that the player must’ve downed a “gallon of Red Bull,” given the brand’s classic “Red Bull gives you wings slogan.”

Apparently, it’s things like this that pull people away from the PC version of NBA 2K. When asked why folks still play on PC, the original poster simply noted, “I like to punish myself.”

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Before its launch in September, many community members called for an anti-cheat system in NBA 2K23. Such requests were relayed via Reddit and in tweets to 2K Games marketing lead Ronnie Singh.

Evidently, these calls for change have yet to catch on at 2K Games. There’s always next year, though.