NBA 2K23 players celebrate big Jordan Challenge change in new update

Player can relive Michael Jordan's greatness in the Jordan Challenge mode in NBA 2K23.2K Sports

NBA 2K23 players are over the moon about a change related to the Jordan Challenge mode in the game’s latest update.

2K has long been the golden child in terms of basketball video games. The franchise’s success has practically eliminated all competition in the market, firmly planting them in the #1 spot overall.

With that being said, the game isn’t perfect. There have been some big issues before, like unguardable moves and bizarre glitches, but this year’s entry suffers from a different kind of problem.

The menus this year have been overloaded and awkwardly arranged since launch but the most recent update has cleaned things up a bit.

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NBA 2K players celebrate Jordan Challenge update

As pointed out on the game’s subreddit, the biggest change that needed to be made was to the main menu and the NBA 2K23 iconic Jordan Challenge mode.

While this mode is always a welcome addition when it shows up, it’s definitely not the main attraction, so having it positioned front and center meant more often than not players were accidentally loaded into the mode when they were meant to be clicking through to MyCareer.

This is just one of a handful of changes that were made to the menus, with MyTeam, in particular, being the main focus this time.

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Players from around the internet have unanimously celebrated the change with one player even going so far as to say that the old placement was “the most annoying thing about the game.”

Elsewhere on the internet, players have chimed in with comments like “massive 2K W” and “thank the heavens”, so it’s pretty clear that an update like this was overdue.