NBA 2K23 player goes viral with budget Halloween costume for MyPlayer

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An NBA 2K23 player went viral after showing off a simple yet effective Halloween costume that honors every basic MyPlayer outfit.

NBA 2K23 players are known to be quite harsh on the basketball sim they come together to play each year, but underneath the cries for improvements to the game is a genuine appreciation for the annual b-ball title.

With Halloween rolling around, one 2K fan took their fandom for the game to real life and made a unique cosplay honoring the game’s MyPlayer mode, making them go viral instantly.

NBA 2K23 player makes MyPlayer Halloween costume

User ImplementCharming949 posted to the NBA 2K subreddit a picture of their Halloween costume.

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Their hilarious outfit consisted of the infamous brown t-shirt every MyPlayer in the NBA 2K series starts out with, as well as blue jeans to match while holding a basketball.

He also scribbled on their Walmart ID that their name is MP truly becoming the MyCareer character.

Charming also detailed an encounter he had while wearing the outfit as a group of 2K fans spotted his outfit.

“A group of guys came (would think college students) and I grab my ball and said who am I? And they looked and I said. ‘Brown shirt.’ They’re like ‘Yooooo, the nba2k guy.’ I’m like, yeah. Showed them my name tag. They called some guy over to see it. He’s like ok that’s Bada**.”

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He finished and said, “Thanks for the love. I mean that. I know maybe some people would get it. I’m glad I posted it. Will look at this when I’m down. Thanks for the comments!”

Despite wearing a somewhat mundane Halloween outfit, the brown shirt was enough to give away that he was a fan of NBA 2K.