NBA 2K23 player creates perfect “Ivysaur” Nikes and Pokemon fans want them

nba 2k23 Michael jordan ivysaur2K Games/Nintendo

NBA 2K23 players were stunned when one dedicated fan made a Pokemon-inspired pair of kicks that all hoopers are now begging to get their hands on.

There’s one thing fans of the Pokemon Ivysaur have thought for years now when contemplating the dual Grass/Poison type monster: What if he was a sick pair of basketball sneakers?

One NBA 2K23 player took that very same thought and decided to make their dreams a reality, and what they came up with is one of the best crossovers in gaming history, and something that very well might bring together Pokemon and NBA 2K fans in perfect harmony.

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NBA 2K23 player creates Pokemon kicks with Ivysaur colorwave

User Guala618 went viral for their custom Nike Dunks that were created with the colors of the Pokemon Ivvysaur as the basis for the color palette and design.

The shoes have a dark and light green outer tone, with a pink tongue in the middle to represent Ivysaur’s bulb on its back.

The shoes perfectly replicate Ivysaur’s colors and are actually fairly easily identifiable without even a reference to the Gen 1 Pokemon.

NBA 2K23 fans in the comment section raved about how awesome the design is, and many want the shoes for themselves.

One fan said, “Fu**in’ dope! You should provide us with more about this type of concept. Can even start it on YouTube and share it here too.”

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Guala explained that they’ve been making custom NBA 2K kicks for a long time: “Yeah, I’ve been making shoes since PS3. I entered the 2K contest and was a finalist, but they rather pick a YouTuber over actual talent. My thought every time is to make something that you can see in stores and run with it.”

Clearly, Guala is a veteran of customizing Nike shoes in the popular basketball sim and plans to keep making custom shoes in the future to both share and play with.